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Wireless enabled

T@lecom, developer of cost effective wireless solutions to the transport and logistics industry, has launched a range of new facilities for its XDA-based Wireless Delivered™ systems. New features include a satellite navigation facility, a satellite tracking facility and a screen signing on delivery feature.

T@lecom chief executive Jan O’Hara comments, “Wireless Delivered™ is undoubtedly the most advanced mobile data solution currently available to the transport industry. This affordable real-time job control and signature capture system, enables the instant, cost effective transfer of data and delivery information between any back office system and field employee via a PDA device.”

The optional satellite navigation facility utilises information from the Wireless Delivered™ product, enabling the courier to simply press one button to accept a job and is taken straight into the satellite navigation facility to the desired location.

Based on the vehicle’s current position the navigation system calculates the driver’s best possible rout utilising the postcode interpretation already logged in the system and provides clear directions on the handheld PDA unit (secured in the hands free attachment on the dash board) and verbal instructions.

“The system is unique in the market-place in terms of functionality in that it removes the need for driver’s to manually type in the address or postcode,” says O’Hara

Utilising the courier company’s back office information the seamless facility reduces duplication of data and human errors from the process, resulting in both time and money savings.

“The Wireless Delivered™ satellite navigation facility is more accurate than a standard navigation tool as it uses information from the courier’s own back office system,” said O’Hara.

“It increases efficiency between both the back office and its couriers resulting in time-savings on delivery routes which is essential in this tight and low margin marketplace. A number of our existing customers are already trialling this new facility and we are receiving excellent feedback from them. We already have a number of orders in the pipeline and are confident that this optional extra will prove to be a value added tool to our customers.”

The vehicles can be tracked on a web site using satellite tracking through GPRS.

“What is special about Wireless Delivered™,” says O’Hara, “is that we have taken a relatively inexpensive – 80 percent cheaper in some cases than its nearest rival – consumer product, the XDA and tailored it for a specialised business.”

Further developments and new functionality is planned before the end of the year. Around 1,000 XDA’s have been in use running Wireless Delivered™ since January this year the company expected that to have doubled by the end of December 2003.