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West Midlands NHS Success story continues boost

Following the successful deployment of T@lecom’s Wireless Delivered™ Patient Transport Service (PTS) back in 2004, West Midlands NHS have agreed to extend their contract for a further two years.

The West Midlands NHS is the headquarters of the local NHS and is responsible for ensuring that the £7 billion pounds spent on health and health care across the West Midlands delivers better services for patients and better value for money for tax payers.

They have been running the Wireless delivered Live platform in conjunction with their non-emergency patient transport service for the last 3 years. The service has been very successful and benefited from:-

  • Reduced costs due to more efficient processes and lack of paper
  • Ability to track all vehicles in real-time
  • Faster transportation due to satellite navigation
  • Reduced driver downtime
  • Controllers have full control over drivers

Damian Dixon from West Midland NHS commented “Having used the service for the past 3 years, and then reviewing the market place, it was a natural decision to remain with T@lecom for a further 2 years. They have provided us with quality support over the past 3 years so we had no hesitation renewing the contract”.