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Verify Cards On The Doorstep

Home delivery drivers and couriers can now verify credit card details at a consignment’s destination. T@lecom’s CardHolder Present facility works with its Wireless Delivered™ consignment tracking service. It operates over the GPRS network to authenticate a credit card with the issuing company.

In addition to verifying the card, the process can serve as a proof of delivery. Authentication information is encrypted for transmission over the GPRS network.

Card verification means that deliveries can be made to wherever the card holder expects to be, which could help customers get their goods and delivery companies improve their hit rate.

T@lecom says its market research indicates that customers will accept higher delivery charges for the improved service and better security.

T@lecom’s chief executive officer, Jan O’Hara says, “Couriers can now be guided to the delivery address by satellite navigation, where a signature is captured and the credit card verified. The back office and customer are kept informed of the progress of the delivery in real time.”

CardHolder Present does not cover doorstep payments but is compatible with chip and pin technology cards.