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Transport & Sync

Users of mobile applications have to be able to operate in a disconnected environment in order to fulfil their role. Data required by the user has to be pulled from the server repository and stored locally and securely on the device. Modifications to the data cached on the device has to be pushed back to the server repository so that it can be processed, augmented and transitioned back to the master data repository hosted within the back-office Enterprise Resourcing Planning (ERP) system.

All data that is pushed and pulled from a device, and all data conflict resolution, is managed by Talecom’s custom transport and sync platform and services. RESTful services expose multiple API’s that devices can hook into and begin the process of complex data management in a secure environment.

Enterprise Services is a middle-ware solution that connects mobile applications with back-office systems, augmenting transaction processing through B2B (business to business) operations. Activities and jobs created on the back-office systems are pushed to exposed web services hosted on the middle-ware in the form of inbound messages. Received messages are then processed, validated and cleaned by the middle-ware services through a series of known orchestration activities before being packaged and made ready for synchronisation with the client application. Data captured by the user on the device is packaged and then synchronised back to the remote server for processing on the middle-ware before being sent to the back-office system in the form of an outbound message.