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Capture is a multi-channel, cross-platform and multi-tenant mobility platform that transitions your tried and tested paper-based business processes into electronic mobile solutions. Capture increases productivity and productivity by reducing process life cycle lead times by removing unnecessary complexity and redundancy and improving data quality by reducing data capture errors and removing data inconsistencies and conflicts.

Data security and user privacy are intrinsic to the design of the platform. On the device applications are containerised and access is restricted using multiple authentication forms. Data at rest is encrypted and isolated, preventing unauthorised access by other applications installed on the client device. Access to remote services is restricted by multi-tier authentication policies and all data in motion – either pushed or pulled from connected services – is encrypted, preventing data tampering from rogue third-party applications and systems.

Our applications are developed using a simple, intuitive and customisable UI (user interface) that is rendered dynamically onto the device at runtime. The user journey across the application surface can be mapped according to specific customer requirements thus providing a simple and familiar UX (user experience) for the end user. All of this provides an engaging experience for the user whilst improving the quality of business critical data captured in the field.