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The Capture Secure solution brings commercial software best practices and efficiencies to the Police and Government market based on Talecom’s partners’ own mobile transformation history. Since 2003 this has supported over 30,000 mobile users of its own and since 2005 – when the Field Force Automation practice was created – has supported Tier 1 enterprise customers in the open market around the world.

An important part of any technology-based solution is the knowledge and experience of the team supporting each customer’s deployment. They should be experts in the mobility field, able to guide each force through the transformation of legacy and – in most cases – paper-based working processes in the field, into a single bespoke solution for each force which can adapt and be built upon from the Pilot deployment to full force rollout to truly represent the needs of a changing force without compromise.

Our secure solution is based around having universal and ubiquitous access to systems and data when and wherever you need it. This combined with the lack of constraint around flexibility in software applications/forms and processes, offers each customer a wide choice of hardware and system scalability, all the while maintaining compliance with data security to satisfy CESG and customer security policies.

The secure solution for Police and Government is based on a core mobility platform, resident in a secure IL4 compliant data centre and built to exceed 99.9% availability. Integration with existing backend systems is by web services protocol to a security standard agreed by each customer. The solution is supported 24×7 by an IL3 compliant Service Desk.

Capture Secure has simplicity and ease of use at its heart and has been designed to maximise the use of technology with the least input from the user. The mobility platform connects to each mobile user via a number of mobile data bearer options: WiFi, 4G, 3G (highest speed first) and seamlessly manages each communications session as the user moves from positions inside to outside, with coverage and without from a single sign-on meaning the user does not need to care what communications method has been selected so long as the solution is available to them at all times with access to the relevant applications/forms and processes wherever and whenever needed.

Talecom’s development approach is founded on core Agile principles that uses the latest technology, frameworks and tools to deliver high quality, cross-platform applications from a single code base. This code, once deployed, enables applications to run on multiple platforms e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, PC and Mac allowing the customer the flexibility to choose the hardware and infrastructure that best meets their organisation’s need.

A single core mobile framework application is installed on the mobile device. The framework will install some customer’ specific bespoke applications/forms and processes which will be available to the user as and when needed. These forms and processes do not need to be developed and deployed from day one, but instead we work together to build a solution set over time which meets the requirement of each customer.

The secure solution will maximise productivity in the field, capturing and sending form-driven data to the backend systems providing real-time operational intelligence updates to both officers and commanders at the same time.

There are no perceived limits to the number of users, the class of user or the number and types of applications which can be developed.

Talecom’s partner BT has developed strong working relationships with most of the mobile device vendors and leads the way in research development in mobile communications with a Wi-Fi user base exceeding 5 million UK-wide hotspots and BT has just purchased a 4G license for upper frequency deployments, along with its acquisition of EE.

Our strategy is to develop a set of core services/forms/processes and applications which can be shared across a number of public safety bodies to bring together the needs of different mobile users under a single solution infrastructure to provide multi-agency benefits of mobile working collaboration.