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Capture Lone Worker

Are You Keeping Your Staff Safe & Secure?

Lone Worker

Capture Lone Worker (LW) is a mobile application that protects your most valuable assets – your employees – especially when they are working alone or in a hazardous environment.

Capture LW keeps staff in constant contact at all times, ensuring compliance with current legislation. Capture LW is available as a standalone or fully integrated to our suite of Capture mobile applications.

Lone Working is an ever-increasing focus of attention for all employers; companies failing to act are now liable to criminal prosecution where the correct protection is not supplied to the worker.

Our Capture LW system is available on all operating systems including, iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. The solution can be deployed on any device – either company-owned or your employees’ own (BYOD).


Not only does our solution satisfy current BS8484 safety requirements, it goes beyond mere monitoring, enabling the back office and worker to remain in contact all of the time regardless of the circumstances.

High level features include; ‐

  • Dedicated panic button alarm ‐ effective under phone lock
  • GPS location view
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Web-based command and control system
  • Incident reporting and historic database
  • Links with wearables including pendant alarms & smart watches
  • Integrates with smart phone diaries for appointment tracking
  • BS8484 compliant
  • 24/7 NSI Gold approved monitoring centre option

Keeping Staff Safe & Secure

If your workers are required to work alone as part of their job, then recent legislation now requires employers to provide a system of monitoring for them when they are alone. Capture LW provides all of the solutions you will need to protect your people and your company.

We protect thousands of lone workers every day, from nurses to engineers, delivery drivers to carers, salesmen to social workers. Our Capture Lone Worker solution will keep your staff safe and secure at all times.

To speak to us about arranging a pilot or to discuss your initial interest, contact us here today.