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Capture Mobile Applications

Capture Mobile Applications

Capture Mobile Apps

Capture is a ground-breaking mobile technology that allows enterprise customers to make the mobilisation of their field teams an easy process, removing existing paper-based processes and converting them into mobile applications, making users more efficient and far more productive.

We provide mobile applications across all business sectors including; ‐

  • Transport Logistics
  • Field Service and Maintenance
  • Healthcare
  • Construction
  • Central and Local Government

We make sure our mobile applications offer an intuitive user experience (UX) making sure that the final product is both easy to use and easy to integrate into your business.

Our customers are involved in the development process throughout the journey from order to deployment. Using an Agile development process, we keep customers involved, with early visibility of the application and updates on a regular basis, there are no surprises with Capture.

All our applications are supported throughout the lifecycle and include Mobile Device Management (MDM) as standard, this means your users are remotely supported in the field when they need to be.

Capture mobile applications can be provided on any operating system (OS) iOS, Android, Windows or Blackberry and any device. We have direct relationships with all the major suppliers of hardware including; ‐

Satisfied Customers

We have been providing secure mobile applications since 2002, whether it’s an electronic proof of delivery application or an application for engineers, Talecom have the Capture application that’s right for your business.

Satisfied customers and repeat business is what every organisation hopes to achieve, but this won’t happen without excellent service.

Giving customers what they asked for, when they asked for it, with minimal effort on their part, is where Capture can help. It sends out a strong message to customers that they are dealing with a professional and capable business that gets it right.

Let’s not forget also that bigger profits are always achieved through gaining operational efficiency. By automating processes, communicating faster and more often, and reducing wasted time, your workforce will be running at optimum performance.

With our range of solutions and bolt‐on applications, we can meet and beat your every requirement and expectations.

Over 95% of our customers re‐sign their contracts after the initial period has elapsed, showing that the solution they receive is perfectly matched to their business requirements.

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