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O2 Sign up T@lecom to the accelerator programme

T@lecom Limited are delighted to announce that they have been signed to the Accelerator Programme of O2. The agreement means that the Wireless Delivered™ suite of products from T@lecom will enter the O2 “Incubator process”, enabling the products to be sold by O2 sales people and used in trial sales activities.

O2’s Accelerator Programme only accepts the very best products and applications developed by third parties. Products and applications allowed into the Incubator process must meet five key success criteria, these are:

  • Must be technically robust and provide a good customer experience
  • Must have enhanced voice [or provided incremental data sales
  • In association with O2, must have generated positive PR within specialised press
  • Must have helped O2 improve and strengthen its voice position
  • Must have shown positive impacts on customer satisfaction levels

The Wireless Delivered™ suite from T@lecom becomes the first application to enter the Incubator, and Jan O’Hara, CEO of T@lecom said “It is a major achievement for the company to have been accepted into this process. The O2 Accelerator Programme has proved to be both challenging and very robust and naturally we are delighted to have now passed the success criteria”.