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Life Begins.. When you cut the cord

T@lecom present at Opal Wireless Solutions first Wireless seminar,’ Life Begins’, at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on 14th September. The event was designed to help Opal Telecom’s customers and potential new customers learn more about the Wireless World and find out how Opal Telecom work within the wireless market.

T@lecom shared the stage with other industry brands, Nokia, Vodafone, Research In Motion (RIM), HP, I-mate, Co-pilot and Mobile 365.

T@lecom managing director delivered a presentation on the current offerings in the mobile data world, available to customers who wished to remove paper based processes from their organisations and replace them with a mobility solution.

This was followed by the launch of the new flashTXT service, whereby TXT messaging will be Free* and upto 80% off calls made from UK mobiles while abroad. **

All attendees agreed that both the Wireless Delivered™ paper to PDA was of interest and the flashTXT service captivated the entire audience. All attendees were offered the ability to trial the service, with everybody taking up the offer.

The audience represented over 50,000 mobile users.

Opal is a complete communication solutions provider to UK businesses of all sizes.

They lead the way in moving the entire concept of business telecoms from hardware-based applications to network-based services.

They offer managed solutions for all your business Landline and Mobile needs:

  • Improve capability – Opal’s telecoms services are designed to provide convenience for both you and your customers.
  • Increase efficiency – Opal ensures a higher level of service quality and efficiency, with no capital expenditure.

* Excludes GPRS costs typically 1,000 messages per MB.

** Users require a GPRS connection.

** Users require a java enabled handset.