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Industry News:Parcel handling system used to track patients

Parcel-handling system used to track patients.

Technology that permits parcels to be tracked is being used to manage transport logistics at the Coventry & Warwickshire Ambulance NHS Trust. The Trust has introduced a new wireless data-capture system to monitor vehicle and patient movements.

According to the Trust, the system — Coventry-based T@lecom’s Wireless Delivered™ — is fast, adaptable, cost effective and extremely flexible and could be applied to coordinate the movement of patients in emergencies. It also has potential as an application for emergency patient records and other clinical data transmission.

As with parcel delivery, the service must pick up and drop non-emergency patients at the right location and in time for their appointments, minimise delays and operate as efficiently as possible. It also has to factor in other variables, monitor the situation continuously and be prepared to use contingency procedures, often while a situation is still developing.

The new system enables ambulance drivers using handheld units to log the time they arrive at a patient’s house, the time they leave and the time they deliver them to their destination. Using the system, unique data for every patient moved is now instantly available to the control centre, while the additional satellite navigation and tracking facilities deliver more efficient journey-scheduling.