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Archive for September, 2012

Zehnder Group have warmed thing’s up with WD Live

Zehnder Group have deployed the Wireless Delivered Live solution throughout its business in the UK, the solution provides accurate proof of delivery live from the field based delivery fleet back to the Zehnder office IT systems. WD Live has enabled Zehnder to provide its Retail and Commercial customers with an unparalleled level of service whilst providing internal efficiencies throughout the operation. The WD Live POD system has been developed to Zehnder Groups exact requirements, delivered though Motorola MC65 hardware and fully integrated Co-Pilot Live satellite navigation technology.

Zehnder Group operate Worldwide and provide, manufacture, design and install heating and cooling solutions for both the Retail and Commercial sector. In the early 80’s Zehnder designed and launched the now common place towel radiator which revolutionised the radiator market forever. www.zehndergroup.com