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Archive for 2006

T@lecom presents at the prestigious Opal seminar at Chelsea Football Club

T@lecom was invited to hold two workshops along with Research In Motion (RIM) entitled “Exploiting a range of wireless networks for a mobile workforce”.

The joint discussion session was focused on whether there is a benefit in adopting a multi channel approach to wireless systems, and if so, how to manage these emerging communication streams for a mobile workforce. Can a desire for low cost and seamless, always-on connectivity be justified in a profit driven world, or is it an unnecessary luxury?

Life Begins.. When you cut the cord

T@lecom present at Opal Wireless Solutions first Wireless seminar,’ Life Begins’, at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on 14th September. The event was designed to help Opal Telecom’s customers and potential new customers learn more about the Wireless World and find out how Opal Telecom work within the wireless market.

Opal Telecom signup to resell T@lecom’s Wireless Delivered™ solutions to its extensive customer base

T@lecom and Opal Telecom have signed a partnership agreement for the supply of mobile data solutions to its customers.

Opal Telecom are part of the Carphone Warehouse Group, they currently mange over 150,000 business customers with some 3.5 Million users.

T@lecom and Opal had been working together for over 12 months prior to the agreement being signed, with a few customers to see how the experience would work, so far they have delivered to several of Opal’s major clients a mobile application to their specification and always on time.

T@lecom delivers the Back Office System for John Dennis

T@lecom delivers complete back office scheduling and delivery system for John Dennis.

Following on from the success of the Satellite Navigation and Vehicle tracking solution supplied back in November 2005, John Dennis have taken delivery of the new job allocation, dispatch and tracking system designed and developed exclusively by T@lecom.

T@lecom launch own back office systems

Having partnered with many of the Industry back office providers over the past 4 years, T@lecom have launched their own control and dispatch system.

The new system is built completely from the ground up developed in Microsoft’s ASP.NET 2.0 with SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition as DBMS. The Back office system also provides integration via web services to other systems.